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RenRuki Fic Challenge

The Star & The Stray Dog

1/6/07 09:59 pm - gokusama92 - Fanfiction (late)

I know it is a bit late because I uploaded this to ff.net a long time ago, but here is my New Year's fanfiction.

Title: Of New Years and Kisses
Author: .I.Am.Lirin.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really that I consider spoilers.
Pairings: Renji x Rukia
Summary: A short one-shot fanfiction with romance and a touch of humor.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Bleach and I’m not making a cent off this story.


5/7/06 12:23 am - siberianknight

*pokes comm*

I'd like to remind those of you who are participating in the first challenge that the due date is midnight tonight! (May 7th)

Hmm ... also, please if you have any other RenRuki fics to post you may post them here (heehee I sound like a broken record). It would be nice to see a bit more activity here. ^_^

(I guess I could throw out some drabble prompts with the next challenge.)

3/31/06 02:48 am - siberianknight

*pokes comm*

Just wanted to post something to prove that I'm still here XD

If anyone has any non-participating stories, feel free to post them! They don't have to follow any of the rules laid out for the challenge, but I'm sure everyone is aware of that ...

So, if you want let other RenRuki authors know that this is also a community for RenRuki fanfiction! ^_^


3/7/06 02:56 am - siberianknight - Rule change ...

Okay, after much debate today, I decided that girlinthecurl03 was right, and I do need to set a time limit.

The time limit will be two months. So since it is March 7th 3am (eastern), the deadline for this first set of genres will be May 7th 3am (eastern).

Happy writing! ^_^ Ganbatte minnasan! (good luck everyone)

*I have changed the info page to indicate this change*

3/4/06 09:55 pm - siberianknight

Okay, I forgot to mention one thing about the challenge ... please ensure that your stories have been beta'd before posting them!

^_^ Happy writing! ^_^

3/1/06 02:04 am - siberianknight - The First Genre List

Since it is technically March 1st here on the east coast of the US, I decided to post these now, so that when everyone looks later today, they'll be here. (so no one has to wait for me ^_^)

Pick any of the following ... you can pick more than one if you're brave:



Crime Drama*


Fairy Tale



Soap Opera

Space Advnenture


A little bit of information about the ones with an asterisk. Bascially, with the animals one I'm leaving that up to interpretation. If you want to make them animals you can, or the story can be animal centric, for example Must Love Dogs, where the animal was an important role in the story ... Crime Drama, just because it says 'drama' doesn't mean that it needs to be serious. ^_^ As for Historical, I mean that in a different sense than an historical romance. XD

I hope that didn't dampen anyone's creative juices. There will be more genres added later ... but for now these are the official ones of the contest. I can't wait to see everyone's writings! Remember! Make sure every chapter has at least 1000 words, and try to make it as close to 10 chapters as possible! (it can be more of course ^_~) I have to go now, my dog is glaring at me. ^_^

Happy writing! (and if you feel the urge to create art from this list ... feel free XD)

2/24/06 10:24 pm - siberianknight - Announcement about time limit and the start of the challenge.

Okay, we're still waiting for a response on length of time for the first challenge (and the subsequent ones as well). Please, I don't want to force too short a time on everyone. I'm leaning toward 4 months, but I don't know about everyone else. Leave a comment with your pick for time length, please. I'm only repeating this because I don't know if anyone saw it at the end of my huge first post. ^_^

The choices are: 3, 4, 5, or 6 months.

My vote is for 4. What does everyone else think?

To make things easy, I think that the first challenge will start on March 1st.

I thought about the time limit and everything ... I think what I'll do is put a list up of different genres on March 1st, and then everyone can pick from those. Maybe we should forgo the time limit and let this just be a fun challenge with no pressure. I think I like that ... please ignore all time references in this post and the previous post. ^_^

2/24/06 05:15 pm - siberianknight - Official Rules!

Here are the official rules for this community ... they're pretty straightforward.

All fics must be behind an LJcut. ‹lj-cut text="name of story"›
You must give a listing of warnings for the whole story on your first post, plus the warnings for that chapter.

The format for listing your story is as follows:

by: Siberianknight
Genre: Fairytale
Rating: PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Warnings: [anything that may be offensive to someone]
Words: 1000

I'm sure that most of you who write fics or have read fics will recognize this format ^_^ Also, please set up tags on each of your entries. (one with your screenname, the other with the genre which you are writing for)

All fics must be at least 1,000 words per chapter. I don't think we should be so brutal on the 10 chapter minimum, but get as close to that as possible.

Stories must be that, stories. We want to see some real stories written instead of drabble, porn/erotica, or crack. XD Pleas try your best to weave a tale of Renji and Rukia's relationship. That's not to say that you can't write a love scene in your story, but don't make the story center around that. The point is to show their romantic relationship, not sex life. ^_^

Lastly, all stories must end with Renji and Rukia in a relationship! No deathfics or stories where they part ways at the end. The story can start with them not together or broken up, but by the end of the story, they should be a couple with the sense that they will continue to be a couple. No cheating and no threesomes! Find a different way other than making one of them cheat on the other to bring drama into your story!

I will add a new genre every other month to give writers a chance to do something different if they don't like the first one which is being posted.

We need to have a vote on how long to run each challenge. 1,000 words for ten chapters is roughly 20 pages single spaced with 12pt font, so for me that would take about 2 months at the most, if all I did was write a little every night. I realize that not everyone has that kind of time (since I don't have a life I do =P), so I think we should put up a vote here ...

Should the limit be 3 months, 4, 5, or 6? (ignore the time limit, it has been thrown out of the challenge)

You will be able to write on any of the past genres once the challenge is over, but it won't be considered part of the challenge.

Happy writing! I'll have a banner soon so we can go and promote this community around the various Bleach ones so that others will find out about this XD

2/24/06 04:03 am - siberianknight - Temp opening post until tomorrow when it's not early/late.

Welcome to the RenRuki Genre Fanfic challenge community! Wow that's a mouthful! XD

I will post the basic rules tomorrow (since it's 4am right now and I need to get to bed). This community will be the home to hopefully many RenRuki fics, which will show off this great canon pairing.

If you have any questions either respond to this post, the one I placed on renji_rukia, or email me @ scythehaven@gmail.com.
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